General June 16, 2014

Working For Our Clients

Michael Scafiddi is the owner and President of Scafiddi Law. Mr. Scafiddi has dedicated so much to this office. He has spent countless hours, often working 65 hours or more a week, making sure our clients needs are always met. Mr. Scafiddi has so much love and compassion for our clients and it shows in his work.

Recent News June 16, 2014

Research Mode @ Library

The attorneys are always on a course of learning new strategies and researching information. They partake in multiple training sessions every year, such as workshops on the latest in DUI defense and writing Appeals. At Scafiddi Law we are not afraid of a challenge because we are confident in our capabilities to represent our clients.

Uncategorized May 28, 2013

Staying In A Domestically Violent Home

Living in a home where you are facing domestic violence is a difficult and traumatizing things. But there are steps you can take to ensure your home makes you feel safer, and below you are going to discover a few of the most effective ones. Call The Police In Case Of Emergency! Never hesitate to […]



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