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  • June 16, 2014

Elijah, a Administrative Law client, 3 months ago

Mike Scafiddi is a very intelligent and a very excellent attorney. If I had a question about my case I would call him and he would respond right away. i was charged with a felony and had a high risk of going to jail. By him putting his effort and taking care of my case, he was able to reduce the felony charge and turn into a light misdemeanor and kept me out of jail. With my experience with him was a good one. He explains knows the law and is very intelligent. When I first went into his office I was nervous because when I was looking for a lawyer, I did not want someone to just tell me what I wanted to hear and take my money. So when I entered his law office I was welcomed, everyone was polite and called me by my last name. I and my family were offered Drinks and treats. I recommend Mike to everyone that needs a lawyer, he has been there for me and my family; and kept me out of jail. He is someone I can go to with advice about anything. I only known him for less than a year and is like a father figure in my life.

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