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In August of this year (2014), I was pulled over and blew just above an .08. I had a meeting with another attorney, prior to meeting with Mr. Scafiddi, and just did not have a good “gut” feeling about my initial attorney. From the moment I called Mr. Scafiddi’s office, I new he was the right fit. The level of professionalism displayed by him, and everyone in his office, settled all of my nerves, and calmed my anxiety about all of the unknowns of my first “run-in” with the law. Throughout the process, Mr. Scafiddi and his staff kept me more than informed, and guided me through the process every step of the way. Mr. Scafiddi himself, was extremely responsive to all of my phone calls and emails, and more often than not, he called me before I called him. His knowledge of the DUI process, is next to none, and is matched by his work ethic and passion for his clients. In the end, Mr. Scafiddi and his staff were able to get my DUI charge down to two infractions and a minimal fine. I honestly could not have scripted a better outcome to what was one of my biggest nightmares. I would DEFINITELY recommend Mr. Scafiddi to anyone who needs help with a DUI case. His experience and familiarity with the law and the court system speak for themselves, and his trustworthiness is through the roof. I cannot thank Mr. Scafiddi, and his staff, enough for all of their handwork and attention to my case. Mr. Scafiddi literally saved my career

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Bob & Kathy, a DUI client, 1 months ago

I just wanted to take the time to thank the Michael Scafiddi office for their excellent work. Scot Neudorff was the attorney that immediately handled my case in every way possible. With his aggressiveness and genuine care, he was able to successfully get me out of jail for a violation of probation. When I was arrested, Scot was there to visit me in jail to inform what was going on and to let me know everything was being taken care of. He was very detailed and transparent with everything I needed to know. Being a busy attorney, he was well organized to be able to take care of my case at the same time with others. I was suppose to be in jail during thanksgiving, my cousins wedding, and my birthday, but Scot knew justice had to be served and got me out of jail immediately to spend time with my family. He figured out that the court had made a mistake for the warrant on my arrest and soon enough I was released. I was the happiest man alive when I got out to see my family. I went to visit Scot and the staff to thank them for their great work.

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Andrew, a Criminal Defense client, 9 months ago

Mike Scafiddi is a very intelligent and a very excellent attorney. If I had a question about my case I would call him and he would respond right away. i was charged with a felony and had a high risk of going to jail. By him putting his effort and taking care of my case, he was able to reduce the felony charge and turn into a light misdemeanor and kept me out of jail. With my experience with him was a good one. He explains knows the law and is very intelligent. When I first went into his office I was nervous because when I was looking for a lawyer, I did not want someone to just tell me what I wanted to hear and take my money. So when I entered his law office I was welcomed, everyone was polite and called me by my last name. I and my family were offered Drinks and treats. I recommend Mike to everyone that needs a lawyer, he has been there for me and my family; and kept me out of jail. He is someone I can go to with advice about anything. I only known him for less than a year and is like a father figure in my life.

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Elijah, a Administrative Law client, 3 months ago

Michael Scafiddi was my Attorney in a DUI related case in 2011. He impressed me in court with His professionalism and His unrelenting arguments, which were justifiable and sound. Because of the circumstances of my case, I was facing some serious charges. I was hoping for a lesser sentence, and He was able to do just that. I would recommend the Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi to anyone wanting only the best counsel money can buy.

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Mark, a DUI client, 3 months ago

There’s no words to explain what Michael Scafiddi has done for me and my family. I was facing the worst possible situation that has ever happened in my life but yet he walked me through each step with such grace that I felt I could trust him with every being in my body. I made the horrible mistake by drinking and driving and I was facing a year in jail, a felony, and a strike on my record. He was able to drop the felony to a misdemeanor, no strike on my record, and six months house arrest. He made me feel as if he was fighting for his own daughter. I felt as if my life was going to be over but Michael Scafiddi changed that in so many ways possible. If one feels as if their life is in shambles I would highly recommend to go to him because I have no idea where I would be without his help. Thank you Michael again from the bottom of my heart.

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Nichole, a DUI client, 10 months ago

I hired Michael Scafiddi to prove my innocence after being charged with two felonies. These criminal charges hold long prison terms. Throughout this lengthy process, Mr. Scafiddi as well as his staff was very knowledgeable and patient, answering all of my many questions. During my trial, he tirelessly revealed the truth with his innate abilities. Mr. Scafiddi was not afraid to point out the inaccuracies of the prosecution and its witnesses nor was he afraid to speak the truth. In the end, Mr. Scafiddi’s knowledge, professionalism and fearlessness returned a verdict of not guilty on all charges.
I highly recommend Mr. Scafiddi. He restored my faith in the judicial system. He never treated me like a client. I am proud to call him my friend. Mr. Scafiddi proved my innocence, returned my freedom and my life. I will forever be grateful.

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Richard, a Criminal Defense client, 4 months ago