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  • March 10, 2015

Bob & Kathy, a DUI client, 1 months ago

In August of this year (2014), I was pulled over and blew just above an .08. I had a meeting with another attorney, prior to meeting with Mr. Scafiddi, and just did not have a good “gut” feeling about my initial attorney. From the moment I called Mr. Scafiddi’s office, I new he was the right fit. The level of professionalism displayed by him, and everyone in his office, settled all of my nerves, and calmed my anxiety about all of the unknowns of my first “run-in” with the law. Throughout the process, Mr. Scafiddi and his staff kept me more than informed, and guided me through the process every step of the way. Mr. Scafiddi himself, was extremely responsive to all of my phone calls and emails, and more often than not, he called me before I called him. His knowledge of the DUI process, is next to none, and is matched by his work ethic and passion for his clients. In the end, Mr. Scafiddi and his staff were able to get my DUI charge down to two infractions and a minimal fine. I honestly could not have scripted a better outcome to what was one of my biggest nightmares. I would DEFINITELY recommend Mr. Scafiddi to anyone who needs help with a DUI case. His experience and familiarity with the law and the court system speak for themselves, and his trustworthiness is through the roof. I cannot thank Mr. Scafiddi, and his staff, enough for all of their handwork and attention to my case. Mr. Scafiddi literally saved my career

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