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6 Important Things to Tell Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been involved in an accident and you decide to hire an experienced personal injury attorney, it is very important that you understand the details you should provide to your attorney in order to increase your chances of winning. To strategize your case in an effective manner, your lawyer should know the important […]

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Articles Drug Crimes General March 6, 2018

What Are the Penalties for Cocaine Possession in California?

The possession of cocaine is one of the most common drug prosecutions in California. You can be charged for possession even if cocaine is not on you. As long as there is evidence that you had control over the drug, you can be charged with possession. The penalties for cocaine possession depend almost entirely on […]

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Articles General February 28, 2018

How do the police know I am driving under the influence of marijuana?

As of January 1, 2018, recreational use of marijuana became legal under California Law. There’s still much confusion around the specifics of this new law, but one of the most important questions that people are wondering is how a police officer will be able to tell when someone is driving under the influence of marijuana. […]


Articles General February 16, 2018

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney

Looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney can be hard if you don’t know what to look for. Some common questions might be: Where do I start looking? What should I look for and how do I know that lawyer is right for me? In this article, we will be covering some basics of finding […]


Articles General February 2, 2018

8 Phases of a Criminal Defense Case

Criminal defense cases typically develop in a series of phases beginning with an arrest and ending before, during or after trial. Most criminal cases today end when a defendant accepts a plea bargain offered by the prosecution. At this point, the defendant has plead guilty to the charges before trial in order to receive a […]

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Articles DUI Information General January 16, 2018

2018 California Marijuana Laws Explained

With the approval of Proposition 64 on November 8, 2016, California residents now have the ability to smoke marijuana recreationally. However, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently made it clear that use and possession of marijuana is still illegal at the Federal level. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra responded by stating “In California, we decided it […]

Articles January 9, 2018

New Criminal Law in California in 2018: Sextortion

Experienced California Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Scafiddi Discusses Sextortion Given the ubiquity of camera phones and digital recording devices, many more people are recording sex with their spouses and partners. There is nothing illegal about consensual recording of those acts. However, choosing to share those images can have legal implications. What happens when that […]


Articles December 30, 2017

Your Child’s Miranda Rights and California Senate Bill 395

Experienced California Criminal Defense Attorney Michael A. Scafiddi Discusses Your Child’s Miranda Rights A new law in California may dramatically affect how police officers can treat your child. Most of know that officers must read us our Miranda rights, “you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, etc.…” prior […]

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Articles DUI Information December 20, 2017

California DUI Checkpoints and Your Legal Rights

Experienced California DUI Attorney Michael A. Scafiddi Tells You What You Need to Know About DUI Checkpoints As Americans, we are accustomed to being free from undue infringements on our constitutional rights. When we are driving, that means not being stopped by police unless they have reasonable suspicion to believe that a law has been […]

Articles DUI Information December 9, 2017

Reducing a California DUI Charge to a “Wet Reckless”

Experienced California DUI Attorney Michael A. Scafiddi Explains a “Wet Reckless” After an arrest for a DUI, one of the very first questions I am asked is whether the case can be reduced to a “wet reckless.” A charge of a wet reckless is a lesser offense than a traditional DUI, which can carry a tremendous […]