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Domestic violence charges and restraining orders

Feb 13, 2022 | Firm News

If you are currently facing charges as a result of domestic violence allegations, you need to understand the myriad of ways in which the outcome of this case could affect your future. Sometimes, people accused of domestic violence also have to deal with a restraining order. It is important to understand the different ways that a restraining order can affect one’s life.

Unfortunately, some domestic violence claims are completely baseless, and innocent people have their lives shattered. Whether someone wants to win a dispute over child custody, prevent their child’s other parent from spending time with the child or get revenge following a breakup, there are a host of reasons why false domestic violence allegations surface.

Restraining orders can lead to various consequences

Most people realize that restraining orders can prevent people from contacting the alleged victim, their children or other household members. According to the Judicial Branch of California, restraining orders can lead to many other restrictions and consequences as well. For example, if you have a restraining order, you could have to move, avoid contact with pets, lose your phone number, give up certain types of property, turn over your gun or pay specific bills (including child support).

Other issues involving restraining orders

Additionally, a restraining order could mean that you cannot change your insurance policy or take on significant expenses. If you find yourself in this position, you could have to finish an intervention program that last for 52 weeks. Restraining orders do not end marriages, even though some couples get divorced later on, and they do not establish parentage.

If you are dealing with a restraining order, make sure you understand how this could affect your life and figure out the best course of action.