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Post-Conviction Relief Offers New Opportunities

A conviction on your criminal record can have a wide-reaching impact on your life. It may limit your career options, create new challenges in finding housing and limit many financial opportunities. Thankfully, expungement and other forms of post-conviction relief may offer you a cleared record and a fresh start.

The attorneys of Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi in San Bernardino understand the obstacles that our clients face with a criminal record. We help clients throughout Southern California clear that record and move forward toward their future without the challenges of that criminal record.

Expungements, Pardons And Other Options

In many cases, if a person has completed their probation and does not have other criminal charges pending or current legal penalties, they may qualify to clear their record. This process allows them to change their criminal record so that it shows a not guilty plea and a dismissal for the case.

The courts cannot set aside certain sex crimes or convictions that led to time in state prison. However, other options may be available in these instances, including reducing the charge, acquiring a certificate of rehabilitation or requesting a governor’s pardon. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi have successfully secured pardons on behalf of their clients.

Because the availability of expungement and other forms of post-conviction relief depends on the particulars of your case, it may be beneficial to speak to an attorney. They can help you explore your options and navigate the process of pursuing relief.

The First Step Toward A Brighter Future

Post-conviction relief and expungements can offer a fresh start to people with a criminal record. To discuss your options with an experienced attorney, contact Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi by phone at 909-414-3772 or by email.