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Protecting The Rights Of People Charged With A DUI

After a drunk driving arrest, you face an uncertain future. Will you spend time in jail? Will fines, license suspension and other penalties impact your daily life? How can you keep these charges from leading to a conviction?

At Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi, our local trial attorneys provide compassionate and detail-oriented representation for people facing a variety of criminal charges in Southern California. Our attorneys have extensive experience, including experience in law enforcement, so we know how the prosecution will build their case. We use this knowledge and our extensive experience to create personalized legal strategies to defend you against these charges.

How Might You Defend Yourself?

Depending on your circumstances, you may defend yourself against a drunk driving charge in a variety of ways. Some common defenses against driving under the influence (DUI) charges include:

  • The officers lacked probable cause to stop the defendant
  • The officers incorrectly administered the breath test or field sobriety tests at the initial traffic stop
  • The BAC tests administered after the arrest were inaccurate or incorrectly administered
  • The officers involved in the case mishandled evidence
  • The rights of the accused were violated before, during or after the arrest

Because these defenses depend on the details of your case, it can be particularly important to have legal guidance from an attorney with experience and skill in navigating those details.

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