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We know the consequences you are facing and we know how to fight for the outcome you deserve

Trial Experience Matters

When you are facing criminal charges, the reality is that you may have to go to trial to protect your rights. At Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi, we have been successfully fighting for the best possible outcomes for our clients for decades. We understand what it takes to build the highly effective cases necessary to deliver the real results people need. We are here to help you and we will put all of our experience and resources behind you.

A Reputation For Excellence

Over the years we have been helping people fight criminal charges and have built a reputation for success, knowledge and effort that we are very proud of. Our client testimonials reflect our standing in the legal community. Every new client we work with receives the same level of commitment and service that helped us build that reputation.

Photo of awards in office of attorney Michael A. Scafiddi

A Family-Founded Firm Focused On Delivering Compassionate Lawyering

We understand the difficult position people find themselves in after being charged with a crime. The future is on hold until you know how your case is going to be resolved. You need effective criminal defense, but you also need to work with an attorney who understands what you are going through – the stresses you and your loved ones are facing. We are here to help our clients, not judge them.

What Our Clients Say

“Michael Scafiddi was my Attorney in a DUI-related case. He impressed me in court with His professionalism and His unrelenting arguments, which were justifiable and sound. Because of the circumstances of my case, I was facing some serious charges. I was hoping for a lesser sentence, and He was able to do just that. I would recommend the Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi to anyone wanting only the best counsel money can buy.”

“My experience with this law office was EXCELLENT!!!! Totally professional and sincere with absolutely the best representation….”

“Mr. Scafiddi, Eve Maestre and Rory Daly helped my wife and I on my case. So professional. So helpful. So caring. Truly treated us like family. They brought in experts for my defense. Their staff was so helpful and easy to contact. Would of been lost with out them. I’m forever grateful to them and their office and staff. Thank you again! Highly, highly, recommend.”

“Top-notch professional criminal defense attorney. Mike and team never wavered in their approach to get my boyfriend exonerated of the charges against him. He and his staff were very communicative, keeping us in the loop on all aspects of the trial. They treated us like family and for that, and all they did to help us, we are eternally grateful.”

“Michael and Megan Scafiddi did an amazing job for our family! They are both extremely knowledgeable , hard working, and professional. They always kept us in the know and were great at communicating what was going on and what to expect. We were working on an appeal for our son and we won!! We could not have been any happier with our outcome and with the job they did!! We would recommend them to everyone!!”

“This is one of the most professional law offices I have had services from. They are quick and the attorneys are always available to speak to you about your case. I cannot say anything more other than if you are in trouble these are the folks to call. The judges and DA’s know this firm and the caliber of what they will be up against. If you have a criminal matter this is the one and only office to use.”

“First time here and the experience was excellent. From the staff that I initially reached out to on the phone, to the attorney assigned to my case, I cannot thank you more. Your professionalism, respect and courtesy to your clients, passion for the job and timely updates on my case will always be appreciated. This is by far the best firm in San Bernardino county and the surrounding areas.”