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Steve's path within California's Criminal Justice system began in 1983 when he completed the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's academy, worked as a deputy sheriff for several years, and was interrupted by 8 years in the Aerospace Industry as an Aerospace Engineer at the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company. Steve enrolled in Law School at Western State University - College of Law in the fall of 1992 and graduated Summa Cum Laude and as the class valedictorian in the fall of 1995.

After passing the bar exam in February of 1996, Steve went to work for the Orange County District Attorney's office in October of 1996. In Orange County, Steve was an award-winning prosecutor in the area of domestic violence and he personally tried more than 80 cases to verdict as lead counsel, as well as handling thousands of cases in court. In 2006, Steve took his talents to the San Bernardino County District Attorney's office where he handled not only domestic violence matters, but also murder, sexual assault, elder abuse and a myriad of other serious and violent felony matters. During his long prosecutorial career, Steve tried nearly 100 cases to verdict, including special circumstance murder, murder, attempted murder, continuous sexual abuse of a child, stalking, robbery, drug trafficking and many other felony matters. In short, there are close to zero crimes that a person may be accused of that Steve has not prosecuted from the other side of counsel table.

In 2016, after nearly 20 years of prosecuting those accused of crime, Steve realized that fairness and justice is not always delivered as it should be and decided to devote his skills and experience to those in need due to being accused by the government of criminal wrongdoing. Steve is passionate about honoring the presumption of innocence and holding the government to the high standard of proof, "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt," that is required to be present before the government can obtain a conviction for alleged criminal wrongdoing. Steve can help you or your loved one navigate the byzantine criminal justice system and ensure a fair and just result by using his years of experience as a prosecutor to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Steve has recently joined the highly skilled attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi and looks forward to continuing to work tirelessly to help defend those accused of crime in any jurisdiction here in Southern California. Steve is married with two sons and has a great passion for his family and loves baseball. His " Love of the Game" led to him taking a part time job with Major League Baseball and he can be found often during the season at either Angels and Dodger stadium working as the online Gameday scorer or Field Timing Coordinator.

Steve could have joined any of the top preeminent law firms in the Inland Empire but chose Scafiddi Law because it's holistic approach to the law. Steve believes that the most effective way to help clients is through Compassionate Lawyering.

Steve described Compassionate Lawyering as immediately developing a personal bond with each and every client, establishing a 24-7 line of communication and being available to answer any and all questions to reduce and eliminate any fear and anxiety that may be present. Steve likes to be present with you every step of the path through the criminal justice system and provide the best possible result for every person he represents. Since joining Scafiddi Law, Steve has already provided great counsel on several high profile murders cases and recent grand jury proceedings.