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How do DUIs affect employment?

Sep 5, 2021 | Firm News

DUIs send ripples not only through your personal life but also your professional life. How should you prepare your career for the effects of your encounter with law enforcement?

Chron explains how DUIs may alter the course of a person’s career. Learn your rights and options in this situation to protect your prospects.

Federal law

According to federal law, employers cannot reject job candidates with a DUI if the charge does not relate to the position’s duties. Federal law also notes a DUI conviction may appear on your criminal report indefinitely, and it could show up on your criminal background for seven years.

Transportation jobs

If you desire a job in transportation, your DUI could disqualify you from many positions. If you already work in the transportation industry, your employer may either terminate or suspend you for the good of the company upon learning about your charge. By employing someone with a DUI, your company could pay more for insurance. Your employer may also bear liability for employing a person charged with drunk driving. To keep your job, you may speak with your employer about shifting your responsibilities to something that does not involve getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, watercraft or aircraft.

At-will jobs

If you worry about how a DUI affects your current position, it depends on your employment status. While federal DUI law applies to job candidates, at-will employment pertains to current employees. That means at-will employers may terminate at-will employees for any reason without violating the law. If you have an employment contract, your future with the company depends on the agreement’s contents.

Your criminal charge may not change your career the way you think it might. By getting all the facts, you know how to navigate your job options with grace.