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How do you insure your car after a DUI?

Mar 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

After California law enforcement charged you with driving under the influence, you have a lot of decisions to make. For instance, how do you insure your vehicle if your current provider drops you?

Experian explains how to get car insurance after a DUI. Rather than wait to see if your current company denies you coverage, take steps to ensure you always have an active policy.

Gather quotes

While plugging in common details like your zip code, age and credit score as you search for insurance premiums, gather premium quotes for drivers with a DUI. While you should prepare to pay higher premiums because of your run-in with the police, getting several quotes from several providers helps you determine the range of premium prices you should expect to pay.

Take your time

If you encounter nothing but frustration while trying to secure affordable car coverage after a DUI, give it time. It takes several years for a DUI to “fall off” your record and for you to qualify for lower premiums. In the meantime, consider alternate transportation, such as rideshare services and public transportation. The money you save on gas and car maintenance could balance out the money you pay for alternate transportation and gas money for friends and family who give you rides.

Contact California’s Department of Motor Vehicles

Maybe you have multiple DUIs on your criminal record. If so, you could have an especially hard time finding insurance companies willing to cover you. Your most favorable option could be to contact your state’s DMV to ask about the high-risk insurance pool.

Getting a DUI does not always bar you from qualifying for car insurance. When you understand your options, you know how to make well-informed coverage decisions.