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What will happen after a DUI arrest?

Nov 3, 2022 | DUI

Whether you had a drink with dinner or you have a problem controlling your drinking, it is never easy to go to jail for driving under the influence. After your arrest, you may feel confused and upset. You may also wonder what happens next.

You probably already know you will have to go through the booking process. The officer likely also took your driver’s license, so you will need to deal with that. But behind the scenes, many things will occur in relation to your driving privileges.


The DMV will get a notice right away that you have DUI accusations against you. If the officer took your license, it will also go to the DMV. The department will review your case and the report to make a determination about whether you will have a suspension.


The DMV has the ability to independently suspect your license. This will be separate from whatever the court decides in the criminal portion of your case. The DMV may decide to suspend your license even if the court finds you not guilty of a DUI. This is especially true if you refused to take the blood alcohol test at the time of your arrest.

Other points

You may be able to get permission to drive to and from work. But you will have to make this request after getting the final DMV ruling.

Because the DMV’s decision is not connected with the court’s decision, you can get a hearing with the DMV in the administrative matter concerning your license. The court will not interfere with the DMV’s decisions because it is a separate case outside the scope of the court’s power.

Remember that a DUI has two separate cases. There is the DMV case, which is administrative, and the court case, which is criminal. Both require your attention because they can both issue punishments.