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What is California’s ignition interlock device pilot program?

Sep 30, 2022 | DUI

The California Department of Motor Vehicles implemented a pilot program requiring certain motorists convicted of driving under the influence to participate. If charged with a DUI during the years 2019 through 2025, the pilot program could require you to only drive with an IID in your vehicle, as noted on the DMV.CA.gov website.

The Statewide program requires individuals with two or more DUI convictions within 10 years to equip their vehicles with an IID. Evidence of operating a vehicle with a combined use of drugs and alcohol in a person’s system could require installing an IID with a first-time DUI offense.

IID sentence requirements and exemptions

If officials charged you with a DUI during an accident that involved bodily injuries, a conviction may result in driving with an IID for at least one year. The maximum timeframe may not exceed four years.

You may ask for an IID exemption, which a judge must approve as part of your sentencing plan. With a first-time offense, for example, you may request an exception. By providing proof that drugs did not contribute to your alleged violation, a judge may consider your request to drive without an IID.

Other driver’s license restrictions and DUI programs

Motorists convicted of a DUI must enroll in a DUI program, according to the California Driver Handbook. With a first-time offense, drivers may keep their licenses, but may only drive to work or to the DUI program.

Some prescription medications may cause individuals to provide false blood or breath test results. If you believe your test results contained errors, you may counter a prosecutor’s charge of driving with drugs or alcohol in your system.