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Key things for nonresidents to know when they face CA DUI charges

Apr 4, 2024 | DUI

People from many other states visit California. Some of these visitors may face DUI charges.

These charges can be extra stressful since they involve another state.

License suspension in California and home state repercussions

After a DUI arrest in California, drivers lose their privilege to drive in the state for a minimum of 30 days. The court may extend this suspension to four months. However, the impact does not end there. Depending on their home state’s laws, individuals may face additional license suspensions or penalties back home.

Home states usually do find out about a DUI charge in California. Most states participate in the Interstate Driver License Compact. It is an agreement among participating states to share information about certain types of traffic offenses, including DUIs.

DUI charges in California go to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. It then shares this information with a home state’s DMV through the DLC.

Potential penalties beyond license suspension

Apart from license suspensions, DUI charges can result in various penalties. They may include probation, hefty fines and mandatory substance abuse education or treatment programs.

One aspect that may alleviate some stress for out-of-state drivers is that they do not necessarily need to be physically present in California for their DUI hearing. This can spare them some inconvenience and expense of traveling back to California for the proceedings.

Regardless of their state of residence, individuals facing DUI charges in California must understand their rights and responsibilities. This includes cooperating with law enforcement, understanding the legal process and complying with any court orders or requirements.

Being informed and proactive can help mitigate the impact of DUI charges for people visiting California from out of state.