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Domestic violence examples and the impact of allegations

Nov 16, 2022 | Violent Crimes

If you currently face allegations of domestic violence, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of your rights and the potential hardships that you could face. If your current or former partner obtains a restraining order against you, this could have a wide range of consequences, and you could also struggle with a damaged reputation and high levels of anxiety.

Unfortunately, some people face these charges even though they did nothing wrong. For example, if the other parent of a child wants to win a custody battle or an ex wants to get revenge, they could falsely accuse the other party of abuse.

Domestic violence can take different forms

According to the Judicial Branch of California, various behaviors constitute domestic violence. Sexually assaulting, hurting (or trying to hurt) and threatening intimate partners and others related through marriage or blood can lead to domestic violence charges. In addition, stalking, destroying another person’s property, disturbing someone’s peace and making threats may constitute domestic violence.

The impact of a restraining order

The Judicial Branch of California also discusses the different ways that a restraining order can affect a restrained individual. If someone takes out a restraining order against you, the court could order you to move into a different household, avoid contact with your kids and other family members and stay away from your child’s school, your job and your home.

In addition, a restraining order could require you to pay child support, spousal support, bills and prevent you from having firearms. If you face any of these issues as a result of domestic violence accusations, you need to review all of your options thoroughly.