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Insuring your car after a DUI

Apr 20, 2023 | DUI

Getting a DUI conviction on record can have numerous negative impacts. This includes the possibility of your current car insurance deciding to drop you.

What can you do if that happens? How do you go about ensuring that you always have an active policy?

Collect quotes

Experian discusses ways of insuring a car after a DUI. First step: start moving quickly. Do not wait for your current insurance to drop you or raise your rates to phenomenal levels.

Instead, start by collecting quotes. Determine the range of prices you can expect to pay by getting a good sampling. You should also always expect to pay a premium due to the DUI. In the eyes of insurance companies, you are a liability now, so they will charge you more for coverage.

Do not rush

It will take several years for a DUI to leave your record and allow you to go for lower premiums. Do not rush into making a new insurance purchase, because your situation will likely not change for some time anyway.

Additionally, consider supplementing your transportation with other options such as ridesharing or using public transportation. This can ultimately help you reduce your monthly bills.

Contact the local DMV

When you have a DUI on record, your best bet may be to contact your local DMV and discuss the high-risk insurance pool. This can help you gain coverage that you can actually afford, despite the premiums for being higher risk.

In understanding these details, a driver can still get insurance coverage even after a DUI.