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Who is most at risk of a DUI arrest?

Apr 11, 2023 | DUI

As you probably know, law enforcement agencies in California typically take a zero-tolerance approach to those who drive under the influence of alcohol. Consequently, if you drive with a blood alcohol concentration above the state’s legal limit, you might find yourself in handcuffs. Some drivers, though, seem to be more at risk of a DUI arrest than others.

Recently, the California Department of Motor Vehicles released its report about DUI arrests in the Golden State. The report identifies which drivers law enforcement agencies arrested most frequently for DUI-related offenses between 2009 and 2019.

Younger drivers are most at risk

According to the DMV report, the average person officers arrested for DUI was almost 32 years old. More than 70% of DUI arrestees were under the age of 40, with only 4.5% being over the age of 60. The drinking and social habits of younger drivers are likely responsible for the disparity.

Officers arrest men more than women

There is also a disparity between male and female drivers. Indeed, during the ten-year period, men accounted for more than 77% of all DUI arrests. In 1989, though, that number was more than 90%. This means law enforcement agencies are arresting a greater number of women for DUI now than they were three decades ago.

If you are an older driver or a woman, it might be tempting to use the DMV’s statistics as a reason to press your luck. Ultimately, though, any intoxicated driver is vulnerable to a DUI arrest at any time and anywhere in the Golden State.